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Python Development in Eclipse in (Ubuntu and Windows) in 12 steps

April 23, 2010 6 comments

Step 1: Install Python.

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install python

Windows: double click on python installer and follow the instructions. Download python from

Step 2: Download eclipse for ubuntu or windows from and extract it.

Step 3:

  1. Select Help-> Install New Software from eclipse menu.
  2. Add new resource from where Python Plug-in will be install in eclipse i.e.
  3. After adding resource, a list of check box will be available. One PyDev and other PyDev MyLyn Integration. Select PyDev and click next.
  4. It’s starts downloading and after completion eclipse asks for restart it.
  5. Restart Eclipse

Step 4: Select ‘Windows-> Open Perspective -> other’ from eclipse menu. Select PyDev from Open Perspective windows list.

Step 5: Select ‘Window-> Preferences’ from eclipse menu. From left side panel of Preferences window select ‘PyDev-> Interpreter – Python’.

  1. Assign a name and path of installed Python by pressing New Button in Python Interpreters.
  2. In windows ‘c:\Python\Python.exe’ and in ubuntu ‘/usr/bin/python’.
  3. Press OK, the entire libraries path will be automatically set.
  4. Press ok, Now eclipse is ready for python development.

Step 6: Select ‘File-> New-> PyDev Project’ from eclipse menu to start a new python project.

Step 7:

Project Name=FirstPythonProject

Project Type=Python

Grammer Version = 2.6

Interpreter = Select Default or any other If u defined from combo box.

Click Finish

Step 8: Right Click at src folder of your FirstPythonProject in ‘PyDev Package Explorer’ pane and select ‘New->PyDev Module’.

Step 9: Assign the Name like pythonFile. A new file will be created in src folder having named

Step 10: Write a python statement like print “Hello” in

Step 11: Right click on and select Run As -> Python Run.

Step 12: Hello will be print at console.

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My Nokia N900

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

OS=Maemo (Debian Linux Distribution Based);Camera=5MP(2584 x 1938 res);Built-In-Memory=32GB;TouchWithSlider;much-more;

Here are some snaps of my Nokia 900.

My Nokia N900 01

My Nokia N900 02

My Nokia N900 03

My Nokia N900 04

Maemo OS wiki:

Maemo Official:

CNET Reviews:;rnav

CNET Specifications:

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