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Financial Statements (using four differnet example case study)

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

My new presentation about ‘Financial Statements’ give a brief introduction using four different example case study. I also explain how financial statement will be created of Sole Proprietorship and Partnership (using the concepts of Trade and Manufacturing).

Four different example case studies explain;

  • How to prepare financial statement and non financial statement (including Cost of Goods Sold, Profit and loss Statement, Profit Distribution Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) from given trial balance?
  • Calculation of assets depreciation and its adjustment in Trade business (as expense) and Manufacturing Business (as expense as well as Cost of Goods Sold) depends on the nature of business?
  • How to adjust bad debts and provision for bad debts?
  • How to close financial year and its adjustment?
  • How to manage the ledger of raw material, finished goods, work in process and cost of goods sold in manufacturing companies plus its adjustment and closing at the financial year?
  • How to prepare profit distribution report and its current account ledger adjustment according to partnership rules define in partnership based organization?
  • And much more.

These four different examples will help those who try to learn; how financial statement created in different type of business (trade and partnership). This presentation is valuable for the student of Computer Science, Management Science, Accountancy, System Analyst, Project manager etc.

In soon I will explain how to analyze these types of business and for software development plus ERP solution Customization.

My expert area is to develop financial (enterprise level) application plus customization in different erp solution like openERP, Sage and SAP (SAP ERP financial is in learning phase). I have customized and implemented two different projects in openERP Solution and one project in Peachtree.  This expertise is other then Software development. If anyone wants to share or discuss in this regard, I will happy to share and also get knowledge from him. Now days I am implementing a real manufacturing case study in openERP.

ERP Solutions and OpenERP (open source and free to implement) motivational presentation is also prepared. You can found both presentations at my LinkedIn profile i.e.