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Asset Management by Simple Declining Method in OpenERP

September 9, 2010 2 comments

I will use the example from one of my post to customize and use asset management module of openerp. Two steps already mention in my previous post like calculating profit and loss (making balance of income and expenses to zero for the respected year) and forwarding the balances of previous year to next year.

Post 1: Complete asset management example:

Post 2: Calculating profit and loss:

Post 3: Balance forwarding to new year:

In this tutorial I will refer the to post1, post2 and post3 to eliminate the redundancy steps and I follow the steps of post1.

Step 1:

a. Create following three accounts from Financial Management → Configuration → Financial Accounting → Financial Accounts → List of Accounts.

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Asset Management by Simple Declining Method Manually

September 8, 2010 1 comment

Following are the information available for Asset Management

Asset Name: my_asset

Original Cost: 17000

Life: 5

Depreciation Ratio: 5%

WDV Balance: 13154.28

Start Financial Year: 2011

End Financial Year: 2015

Method: Simple Declining Method (Neither 200% nor 150%) Read more…

OpenERP Developement and Dubugging in elipse

September 8, 2010 10 comments

I am assuming that you have installed OpenERP Server and OpenERP Client

Step 1: Install Eclipse (sudo apt-get install elipse)

Step 2: Install PyDev plugin in eclipse using this link

a. Help → Install New Software.

b. In Install dialog box, Click Add.

c. Give name ‘pydev’ and type the path. i.e.

d. click ok.

e. select pydev checkbox and follow the steps by clicking finish. Read more…