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Provident Fund Calculation and Payroll in Manual System & in OpenERP

December 31, 2010 26 comments

Provident Fund Register of an Employee (say Mohsin) of 6 Months is below;

Mohsin Provident Fund Register
Provident Fund
Month Basic Salary By Employee 12% By Company 1.3% Net Salary Payable Net Provident Fund Payable
July 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Aug 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Sep 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Oct 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Nov 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Dec 15000 1800 195 13200 1995
Total 90000 10800 1170 79200 11970

Accounting Aspects of each month as Below:

We will use the following list of accounts with balances. Read more…



December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

After two days, I came to conclusion from friends suggestion. We (me & my frineds) have to start provide services to markets. But these services are free at all except the pure project implementation. Vision to provide these services is remove manual system in markets and introduce Information system. I know to accomplish this vision, We have to motivate number of people who don’t want to use IS at all as compare to manual system.  Initially the services will in form of blogging or electronic resources.

For this i will introduce some new categories in my blog too like ‘Success Stories’ of my existing clients & future too, ‘Services’,  ‘Products’ and ‘News’. Friends are welcome to help their own companies and their local cities market by joining me to get this vision.

Markets domain are local city market, Pakistani market and international market. Soon i will decide what services will be provided to friends & their companies from me & my friends.

I  need more motivation and friends to achieve this vision. Suggestion are welcome.


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Enter a Bank statement in Openerp and Its Bank Reconciliation with Invoices:

December 17, 2010 1 comment

I assume that viewer of this post have studied my first and second posts, I will continue using same example I have used in mention two post.

Previous example overview:

List of Suppliers partners: Ahmad, Asif, Dawood & Co, Naeem and Saleem & Co.

List of Customers partners: Crown & Co, Naseem & Co, Rafiq & Sons and Rizwan & Co

we have enter some supplier invoice using supplier partners, and similarly some customers invoices using some customers partners. Above invoices both of supplier and customers were based on accrual. The invoices status was open.

After these accrual basis accounting impact we receipt Rs. 3000 and Rs. 6000 from two customers Naseem & Co and Rafiq & Sons respectively in Bank Acc 123. we reconcile receipt voucher with customers invoices. The these two customers invoice status becomes done. Similarly we also make payment of Rs. 2000, Rs. 2500 and Rs. 1000 to our supplier Asif, Dawood & Co and Naeem respectively. After reconciliation the status of these three supplier invoice were also becomes done.

This was the preview of example we used;

Following are the some snaps , so that you can understand the account balances, partner balances, invoices status (open or done). After these snaps we will continue our topic.

Snap of account balances:

Trial Balance

Read more…

Hire Purchase: Module Development example in openerp

December 14, 2010 20 comments

In this tutorial, I will share how module develops in openerp. First I will explain the functionality of hire purchase (what we are going to develop), second I will develop hire purchase module in openerp. A simple explanation of hire purchase module is sale of goods in installment. In my example, I will ignore the interest portion of hire purchase. I just spread the price of good in number of monthly installment. I can say that, this module is a demo version of hire purchased without installment. In future I will extend this module with interest. In this tutorial I will focus on step by step development of module in openerp.
What hire purchase is read out the wiki about hire purchase, for detail of hire purchase also read wikieducator.

In this tutorial I will cover; how to create openerp objects (in .py file), interaction with object using openerp views (tree and form), openerp wizards and menuitem.

Step 1:

Create the following files and folders.

a. Folder having named ‘hirepurchase’ and 2nd folder having name ‘wizard’ in ‘hirepurchase’ folder.

b. Create the files in hirepurchase folder, i.e.,, hirepurchase_view.xml and

c. Create the files in wizard folder, i.e. and

File structure: hirepurchase folder contains one folder (wizard) and four files (,, hirepurchase_view.xml and Wizard folder contains two files ( and

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