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Criminal Information System in OpenERP v6

Project :
Criminal Information System, Police Line Peshawar, Pakistan
Project Assigned By:
SP Investigation Umer Hayat
Project Completed  By:
Mohsin Yaseen
Software Tools Used:
OpenERP v6
Overview of Modules Developed and Customized in OpenERP:
  1. Single Repository of all criminal record at district and province level
  2. Quick searching of suspect or criminal from different perspective
  3. Analysis of crime rate  from different perspective
Different Perspective Include:
  • District wise crime
  • Police station wise crime
  • Nationality wise crime
  • Main and sub caste wise crime
  • Also Integration of above all perspective
  • And much more.
68 Attributes of Each Criminal:In this criminal repository, 68 attributes are recorded for single criminal including its history of crime. Using these 68 attributes
  1. We can analyze statistically ,
  2. We can search criminal or suspect from 68 different attributes.

  1. March 6, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Nice work dear bro……

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