Institute of Management Sciences (IMSciences) 

The Institute of Management Sciences, based in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is a young, innovative, and enterprising business school en route to compete with the foremost management schools of the country. The Institute is dedicated to its unique approach (at least in the region) of providing management education based in cutting-edge research and comprehensive training. Unlike conventional academic institutes, IMSciences broadens its educational focus in response to new trends in the developing field of management. Based on the social values of integrity, honesty, professional excellence and a broad vision of life, the Institute aims to provide educational experience that transforms its students into business leaders at par with international managers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Since its inception in 1995, the school’s academic rigor and avant-garde approach to management education have produced alumnae that shape the world of business at regional, national, and international level.

Presently, the Institute is offering a range of courses, undergraduate programs, and graduate degrees in the fields of Management, Computer Science and Information Technology, Planning and Policy Analysis, Banking, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Health Service and Hospital Management, and Local Government and Public Enterprises. The enrichment of academic programs over the years, the establishment of Liberal Arts Program, and the construction of our new inspiring, and state-of-the-art campus have provided us with a great platform to build upon and we aim to transform the Institute into a full-fledged top-notch university.


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Qurtuba Education System

Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology is one of the pioneer private sector universities of Khyber PakhtunKhwa Pakistan. The university was established through a charter issued by the Governor (K.P.K) on 30th August 2001 and is recognized by the Higher Education commission (former UGC), Islamabad.

The University has been working sincerely towards the attainment of character-building and cultivate in its students the quest for inquiry so that they may extend the frontiers of knowledge & be able to bring peace & prosperity to the country. Our goal is to revive the memories of the city of Cordova, known as “Madinat-Ul-Ilm”. This city was known as the cradle of knowledge and research for centuries. European scholars & students also thronged to this seat of learning & acquired specializations in various fields of knowledge.


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Human Resource Management Center (HRDC)

The Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) of IMSciences helps the Institute to improve and enrich its own and other organizations (in the public and private sectors) human resources training and development programmes and services. The Human Resources Development Center (HRDC) mission is working towards developing a culture among organizations to invest in human resources, enabling employees to contribute towards the growth of the organization and enhancing their quality of work. IMSciences HRDC has completed training programmes for the Election Commission of Pakistan, the Central Board of Revenue, Pakistan Computer Bureau and Planning & Development Department, Government of N-WFP.


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Telinno consulting limited specialises in design, roll out, management and performance improvement of the cellular network to ensure the cellular operator offers best in class service to its customers while maximising return on its network infrastructure investment. Telinno’s team of experienced engineers has successfully delivered its full range of services to a wide range of cellular operators around the world.

Due to the rapid growth of new end-user services, time to market is becoming more important. The operator has to plan ahead and needs the best possible network infrastructure designed and implemented by the best engineers.

Telinno has responded to this demand by providing a range of offerings, from getting the network up and running, through fine tuning and optimization, feature deployment, maintenance, to consultancy and assistance with network and service strategic planning with the aim of taking you to your full potential.

At telinno our people are innovative, passionate and curious. We have a team that is broad and deep in their knowledge & skills. Our people have rich experience in telecommunications engineering, software engineering, project management, business skills and much more ability to work with wide range of people with a strong focus on the goal.


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Combined Military Hospital Peshawar

CMH is hospital of Pakistan Armed Forces situated in Mall Road Peshawar. This hospital is run by the doctors of Pakistan’s Army Medical Corps.

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Police Investigation Department Peshawar, khyber Pakhtun Khwa

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Police Line Mardan, khyber Pakhtun Khwa

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